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12 drum covers up!

The fun of updating every list begins x.x

That said, wow. It was like 2 hours of drumming to cover those songs as I had to re-cover some of them after screwing up. Some songs were good to cover, 1 take and it was done. Others took maybe 3 or 5 takes before I was satisfied with it (or my hands were hurting and I had other songs to cover so I screwed it).
Speaking of hands hurting, my blister on my left hand recovered, then got aggravated by the first 5 songs I played, started swelling up around the 6th to 8th song and popped around the 9th/10th song. It's weird to feel the stick being somewhat sticky when you know it's a mixture of like...blood and fluid, but well, yea. And the pain sucks too. But the set up time for recording isn't little, and it makes me want to record as many as I can during each recording session. Hence the blister(s).
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